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    No words that I could write can express how I feel about this artistic declaration and statement by Eugene Lee Yang someone I've enjoyed watching "come into his own" as one of the Try-Guys which originally started out on BuzzFeed. This is one true expression of courage and beauty and to watch it...
    June 11, 2019
    I wanted to make a video tonight. I just don't have the energy to do my make up at this time. So I'll post what I was going to say in it. Real talk with Anna. Hi everyone, today is my first upload for my Black Pants Girls brand. Officially! I decided to start doing this because today I...
    March 17, 2019
    We're going to hold our first IRISH themed Busy-Women's Dance Class in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. We'll warm up to this classic by Van Morrison... We'll work on a fun, rock/jazz high energy combination dance to this classic from U2.
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    Our Story

    How it all began...

    BLACK PANTS GIRLS was founded by Anna Maria Terlinden in 2018 as a lifestyle mission-based company for people (with specific emphasis on women), to help them discover themselves outside of the things we all use as excuses (our age, our weight, our bodies, our current abilities, etc.). We feature things to help you LIVE your best life, things to help you LEARN something like dance or jewelry making or whatever, things to help you LAUGH like going to see a live show or watching something funny on YouTube, and things that help you LOVE like finding your “tribe” or a community that you can thrive in and find acceptance and support. We put those features into full-production by offering classes, workshops, performing arts shows and opportunities mostly in Knoxville, Tennessee but also worldwide through online-courses and tours.


    About Anna

    The girl in black pants...



    ANNA teaches body-positivity and inclusive classes and workshops; and was the former founder of SIZEMOLOGY Dance. These educational experiences range from movement, to performance, to sexual health & wellbeing, confidence and more - all with the every BODY budget in mind.



    ANNA is an independently contracted counselor and operations/project manager in Knoxville, Tennessee. She offers individual consultations on a wide variety of topics aimed at finding meaning in one's life - email for more information.



    ANNA has been an artistic director of a performance art organization and has been both a wedding planner and a unique events consultant for clients for many years. She's been called a muse - let her help you generate more ideas and inspire you!



    ANNA has performed most recently as a member of the performance art collective OOHX2 Entertainment monthly with the variety show THE OOH OOH REVUE which was a modern-style variety show that innovates performance art and vaudeville.



    She believes 100% in developing positive body-image and health at every age, as well as working towards a healthful life even if you are a plus-size individual. She stresses the importance of beauty at all sizes, ages and stages of one's life.



    Existentialism is a philosophy, which sees humans, with will and consciousness and as being in a world of objects which do not have those qualities. The fact that humans are conscious of their mortality, and must make decisions about their life is what existentialism is all about. Many religions and philosophies say that human life has a meaning (or a purpose); but people who believe in existentialism think that the world and human life have no meaning unless people give them meaning. This means that we find ourselves existing in the world, and then we give ourselves meaning, or 'essence'. More simply put, the 'essence' of a human, or what makes a human a 'human', is not due to nature or uncontrollable circumstances; rather, human essence is really just what we choose to make it. This means that the only nature we as humans have is the nature we make for ourselves. As a result of this, existentialists think that the actions or choices that a person makes are very important. They believe that every person has to decide for themselves what is right and wrong, and what is good and bad.

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