I believe that movement and dance can be an exciting, rewarding, healthy and fun option for BODIES of all ages, sizes and levels of ability.

    My goal is to provide you with a weekly break from the stressful routines of life and give you a sense of wonder and mastery in a world where we sometimes feel we're never enough.

    Let me give you the steps and guide you to discover yourself again outside of the things we all use as excuses (our age, our weight, our bodies, our current abilities, cost, time, etc.); or let me welcome you to a dance floor for the first time in your life and guide you through a new art form for EVERY BODY.


    "I loved that the classes were for women of all experience levels and of all sizes. I never felt ashamed to dance because of my size. I would just let loose, have fun and DANCE!"


    "Black Pants (Dance) is community. Opportunities to learn and share talents no matter your age or level of experience. No matter the setting, there is sisterhood, inclusion, and of course love for dance!"


    "My absolute favorite part of dancing with you, was the simple fact that everyone was different. It wasn't cookie cutter. All experience levels, different backgrounds, different paths. We all had something to bring to the table performance wise and it was just so interesting! Because of dance, I had found myself again. So many blessings, friendships, and memories came out of that studio."


    "I loved that the classes are for all experience levels. I had no dance training and was still able to follow along, enjoy the classes and learn new skills."

  • Coming Soon.

    I realize you may not be able to make it to Knoxville, TN or one of my group classes. In keeping with my belief and mission to see everyone MOVING more, I am introducing online class and private group/individual lessons.


    "Being a part of the Black Pants (Dance) was more of a spiritual journey than just a "class" or just a "performance." It was being a part of something bigger than myself with a whole group of women who were cheering me on and rooting for me to be the best version of myself while I was rooting for them. It is sisterhood at its finest."


    "BPG classes made me feel beautiful, alive, and seen in a world where my age group seems so blurry most of the time. I was inspired by the women who made eye-contact with themselves in the mirrors while they danced, who let their hair fly and their bodies MOVE. It is a great environment!"


    "I never understood why there were so many dance classes for children and nothing available for adults. I believe a dancer should dance for life and black pants girl gives dancers that opportunity. A fun and judgement free zone to get your feet moving again and “dance like no one is watching”. I was amazed at how quick tap, jazz, and ballet skills came back to me in these all levels classes and even more so how much fun I had dancing again!"


    "Black Pants (Dance) classes are fun and upbeat. They are a good fit for wherever you are in your journey. If you want exercise, you’ve got it. Former dancer (or in my case wanna be dancer) you can renew your passion. Anna goes out of her way to make sure you’re comfortable and achieve your workout goal."

  • Wanna Show Off?

    I get it...some people want to show off what they've learned and work towards a goal. Some people want to just take classes because it's fun, it's creative, it's exercise and it's just a must-have part of their weekly routine. We'd like to offer you the choice.


    We have an audition only group that you can aim for or an end of year performance where all students are welcomed to show off their new skills. You decide though...and without any pressure.


    This is meant to be fun - lets keep it that way!


    Take the STEP to dance with ME!

    Any questions? Text ME at 865-888-0341.



    MONDAYS @ STREET BEATZ 1023 (West Knoxville)

    8:30 - 9:15 PM PM SEXY, SASSY, CLASSY

    Adult Chair Dance

    We start with stretching, then head into cabaret chair dance with jazz funk movement and moves that are classy yet hella sexy and sassy. These dance movements will help you kick up your confidence, tap into your sensuality and feel powerful in the skin you're in. It's nothing you expect and everything you'll love!

    All Levels & Bodies Welcomed.

    RECOMMENDED: barefoot, socks, ballet/jazz shoes or dance-friendly heels.



    TUESDAYS @ STREET BEATZ 1035 (West Knoxville)

    7:30 - 8:30 PM GRACE and the GROOVE

    Adult Contemporary/Hip Hop Dance

    We start with a short warm-up, then 25 minutes of expressive dance across the floor work combining dance genres: modern, jazz and lyrical where we connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movement. Then 25 minutes of hip hop dance which comes from the club scene with a flow that is much easier on the body and makes you feel more connected and tuned into your own self-expression.

    All Levels & Bodies Welcomed.

    RECOMMENDED: barefoot, socks, ballet/jazz shoes or sneakers (with dance socks recommended for turning).



    WEDNESDAYS @ STREET BEATZ 1023 (West Knoxville)

    8:30 - 9:15 PM TAP INTO DANCE

    Adult Beginners Tap Dance

    Learn the foundations of Broadway and some rhythmic tap dance styles which are incredible for memory, stress release and are fun for every body.

    Basics & Mastery, Combinations & Musicality

    All Bodies Welcomed.

    RECOMMENDED: I recommend tap shoes of course, or hard-soled shoes until you get taps.


    THURSDAYS @ STREET BEATZ 1023 (West Knoxville)

    8:30 - 9:15 PM TAP THAT / OR / FIERCE FLOW

    Adult Intermediate Tap Dance or

    Learn the foundations of Broadway and some rhythmic tap dance styles which are incredible for memory, stress release and are fun for every body.

    Mastering Variations, Combinations & Choreography

    All Bodies Welcomed.

    RECOMMENDED: I recommend tap shoes of course, or hard-soled shoes until you get taps.




    $12.50 (45 Minutes Class)

    Must be purchased before class starts OR on the night of class. Is only good for 1 class. Subject to availability if classes are full. Does not include practice videos.




    $45.00 FOR 4 WEEKS ONE-STYLE (45 Minute Class)

    Must be purchased before the SESSION starts or on the night of first class of session. Includes all weeks of the specific class you are interested in PLUS weekly practice videos!




    $42.00 A MONTH



    Biggest Savings, Limited Quantity of PASSPORT Memberships. This allows you to take ANY class on the schedule you want each month with priority Registration if classes FILL UP. Unlimited Drop Ins.

    We bill every month on the 25th for the next month (due by the 1st of each month); and we REQUIRE a 30 day notice to cancel (your last bill will be pro-rated accordingly), as our PASSPORT holders essentially cover our monthly operating expenses (ie. rent, etc.); this allows us to find a replacement for this extremely important group of our students. If you are interested in this option please speak with ANNA at one of the classes or email me at blackpantsgirl@gmail.com



    ***4 WEEK SESSIONS***



    September 2 > No Classes (Labor Day Holiday)

    September 3 > September 4 Week Sessions Begin

    October 7 > October 4 Week Sessions Begin

    November 4 > November 3 Week Sessions Begin

    November 25 - 28 > No Classes (Thanksgiving Holiday)

    December 2 > December 3 Week Sessions Begin

    December 22 - 31 > No Classes (Christmas / New Years)



    January 1 > New Year Kick Off Free-For-All Event

    January 6 > January 4 Week Sessions Begin

    February 3 > February 4 Week Sessions Begin

    March 2 > March 4 Week Sessions Begin

    April 6 > April 4 Week Sessions Begin






    May 4 > May 3 Week Class Sessions Begin

    June 1 > June 3 Week Class Sessions Begin

    July 6 > July 3 Week Class Sessions Begin

    August 3 > August 3 Week Class Sessions Begin



    STREET BEATZ STUDIOS (West Knoxville)

    1023 Summer Wood Drive &, 1035 Summer Wood Drive, Knoxville, TN 37923




    Are you a woman wanting to do something fun and fabulous?

    Are you a guy who wants to dance and is unafraid of confident women?

    Did you dance when you were younger and miss it?

    Have you never taken a dance class but always wanted to?


    IF YOU SAID YES to any of the above...JOIN THE MOVEMENT!


    We are creating classes that give us all a chance to dance, move-more, have fun, live a little, laugh a lot and learn along the way. In this world stress and busy-lifestyles make it hard to just let loose...let's flip the script and remind ourselves that even busy women/people make time to dance and move their bodies.


    BLACK PANTS GIRL believes in creating a movement that encourages for women of all ages, all sizes and all walks of life to remember what it feels like to rekindle your inner fire or keep it burning well into the future. Did you dance when you were younger, or have you always wanted to dance but you're afraid because of things like age, weight, body image, mobility issues or whatever?


    BLACK PANTS GIRLS are women who remember how versatile their lives can be when the make time to dance or let loose even a little bit each week. So if you're thinking about doing something for YOU, put on some black pants (or other dance/workout comfortable pants), and are planning to COME BACK to the dance floor or ALLOW ME to welcome you for the first time. I'm keeping it warm for YOU.

    Got questions, ask em at blackpantsgirl@gmail.com OR text me at 865-888-0341 and see you at the studio!




    BLACK PANTS DANCE is one important portion of BLACK PANTS GIRL founded by Anna Maria Terlinden Rogers in 2017 as a lifestyle mission-based company for people (with specific emphasis on women), to help them discover themselves outside of the things we all use as excuses (our age, our weight, our bodies, our current abilities, etc.). She originally founded a dance class philosophy of all bodies and all adults under the name SIZEMOLOGY starting in 2009 which lasted ro 


    We feature things to help you LIVE your best life, things to help you LEARN something like dance or jewelry making or whatever, things to help you LAUGH like going to see a live show or watching something funny on YouTube, and things that help you LOVE like finding your “tribe” or a community that you can thrive in and find acceptance and support. We put those features into full-production by offering classes, workshops, performing arts shows and opportunities mostly in Knoxville, Tennessee but also worldwide through online-courses and tours.


    ANNA aka BLACK PANTS GIRL is known for her wit, wisdom and wildly persistent streak. She's been everything from a showgirl to a wedding planner and lots in between. She’s taken the BEST of EVERYTHING she’s into & is moving forward to the REST of her journey as a performance artist, activist, educator and writer ready to show you her self as ANNA - the real woman, flesh and bone, imperfections and all. She's a complex and goofy enigma of hope, peace, love, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive tendencies, honesty, acceptance and understanding. She is an on going re-evaluation of what is important to in her world and has come to accept and find it wise to explore all sides of herself which she encourages others to do as well. Now she continues her artistic journey as a woman with a good heart, even better intentions and an undying belief in everyone's inner fire.

    If you’re interested in living, learning, laughing or loving more life with our community, please contact us on Facebook or at blackpantsgirl@gmail.com. We will be in touch.



    The Black Pants Girl

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