• As part of Black Pants Girl, I create Hand-Made Accessories and Inclusive Designs for the One-of-a-Kind.



    We are the girls who grew into women.

    We are artsy, inspired, quirky, creative and long to make other people feel something. We love to make people laugh.

    We believe in our own old-school cool, and still rock it even if they roll their eyes.

    We are versatile souls who love to live out loud but fit in wherever we are needed. We know how to adapt.

    We are passionate about people and their potential. We believe in love, freedom, equality and helping elevate others. We wear black pants because they go with EVERYTHING and give us the base and space to creatively accessorize. We are our own masterpieces and the way we walk, talk and adorn ourselves reflects our daily mood.

    We are one-of-a-kind women from all walks of life: all sizes, all ages and all stages of life.

    We are our own unique creations and we are on-going works in progress.

    We are full of beautiful imperfections.

    We are the curiosity that everyone wants to explore...and our accessories feature the pops of color

    that give us away every time.


    We BELONG...show them with your BELONGINGS.


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