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Tuesdays are for Busy-Women.

Tendu Tuesdays with The Black Pants Girls

Ah, it's been one of those days just a sublime and happy one and we started our first of the Busy-Women dance classes tonight as we combine hip-hop with both Ballet and Cabaret-style jazz/chair. I must admit. Ballet is a bit tricky, but it moves out of the stale routine of piano accompaniment tracks as we do barre warm ups and across the floor work. We actually used Queen from Nicki Minaj as our background music and it occurs to me how much kitty-cats are discussed and other vulgarian favorites (I'm not a prude, I am a vulgarian myself, however its just a lot sometimes); but we had four badass babes willing to take the challenge.

The excitement for the night though came with combining hip hop with cabaret chair. We began working on the piece "It Don't Matter to Me" from Drake's new album which is quite beautiful and features a chorus posthumously sung by Michael Jackson. We worked on the choreography and I initially wanted it to match the beats which are fast for a "slow" song on the album. My 44 year old brain got scared and tried to take the slower count on the beats; but the bodacious blonde Chesney, said, I wanna try the steps to tempo. Her and the girls worked it out and got the turns quicker...and then I built the courage to do it at tempo...and it nailed it. We often second guess ourselves in this life but I'm so very glad that I pushed myself just to match the tempo and didn't take the easy way out. In fact, I think we're going to proceed on this piece and I frankly...LOVE IT. Enjoy!

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