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The Risk.

And the Thank You.

I wanted to make a video tonight. I just don't have the energy to do my make up at this time. So I'll post what I was going to say in it.

Real talk with Anna.

Hi everyone, today is my first upload for my Black Pants Girls brand. Officially! I decided to start doing this because today I started something that really made me understand and remember what it feels like for each person who decides as an adult to start back taking dance classes.

You see, I’m enrolled in Tap Dance Teacher training to become a better tap dance teacher for all of you and to get me out of my stale routines and comfort zones. Last week we were given an assignment to learn 2 new combinations and teach them to a few advanced students. The minute I watched the tutorials. I panicked.

I was like, why am I doing this? I can’t tap dance. I am a complete fraud. I’ve never tap danced before. (All of which are lies.) I’ve just gotten used to my lane. My same-old-same-old. My rut. I know the steps I love and I’m comfortable. Right?

Sure...but how am I going to become better, stronger and more evolved if I stay where I am?

Truth is. I understand. Taking the risk to do anything that puts you in a position to grow, to learn, to have to have someone hand hold you through or mentor and guide you….scary. Not bad-Freddy Kruger scary, but one that asks us to try. No matter where we’re starting from.

I’m 45. I don’t remember sequences like I used to, so I have to write things down now. I’m also my heaviest weight and struggling to lose the little bit I want to in order to improve both my stamina and improve my knee health. I’m not the girl I was when I began SIZEMOLOGY dance my first project back in 2008. I am. Learning. Putting myself out there. Knowing I’m not perfect at all. Not as polished as I once was.

And I am saying to each of matter if you’re taking classes with me or are taking classes as an adult wherever you are viewing this. No matter if you once took classes with me and decide you hate me now. No matter if you’ve moved on to find your “tribe” that challenges you the way you want to be challenged...I say to each of you. THANK YOU. Thank you for taking that deep breath and stepping a foot back inside a dance class. No matter where you are starting from you took that leap of faith and trusted that there would be people there to value and honor that risk. You are courageous for taking that step...and if you’re on the fence considering that step. Thank you for working towards your dreams.

We all start somewhere. And as the old song’s definitely not where you’s where you finish.

It’s an honor to know the people I know and have known. Thank you!

I wish you peace, love, hope and dance always.
Anna (The Black Pants Girl)

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