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Motherhood...and Beyond

Because sometimes life has other plans.

Let me first wish a happy Mother's day to all the proud Mommas out there, the birth Mommas, the adoptive Mommas, the foster Mommas, the Mommas to-be or the Mommas who have suffered the loss of a child...also...the fur mamas, the mama-mentor-types, an all non-traditional mama types...we see you...I see you and I want you to know I care.


My Mom passed away in 1999 and I have always looked at today with either dread or denial. It's rough for me. I was very close to my Mom and I miss her every single day. I was also not blessed with the prospect of having a child of my own. Still I see such beautiful dynamic creatures doing the work of mothering and nurturing and helping others grow or grow up every single day and that is what the beauty of motherhood is all about.


So today, however you celebrate remember those who are and who are not in the traditional sense or who struggle with today like I have. We're all important.


<3 Anna (The Black Pants Girl)

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