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Monday Monday, Manic? Maybe

The Daily Dish from The Black Pants Girl


Tonight was a great rehearsal for the CORE JAZZ group who are busily getting ready for our October 6th, show. The number is complete and next week will get a preview with costuming elements and a edited piece of music. We followed that with a great Level II Tap Class which welcomed drop-in students tonight. We're working on a fun number from the Idlewild (Outkast) soundtrack and it's just so dripping with prohibition era appeal we can't stand it!

Today also saw the sad departure of one of our founding CORE dancers, Marisa Stickle. Marisa is one of those girls who embodies the "can do" spirit. She came to classes and was just a sponge taking on everything from jazz, lyrical, tap, hip hop and all the nonsense that was thrown her way. I'm blessed to have had the time to dance with her.

She danced as a principal in almost if not all CORE dances in the shows and last show provided a beautiful solo in honor of her Iconoclastic heroine: Isadora Duncan. She is actively pursing her PHD at University of Tennessee and her studies are heating up. We will miss her dearly as a part of our magic and know that she will succeed in whatever she puts her heart and mind to. Wish her the best with us!

We love you Marisa!

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